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Metalstorm X M-308 Gunner pxl by Jolleboi Metalstorm X M-308 Gunner pxl by Jolleboi
Based on this: [link]

Without the background: [link]

Made for the game Metalstorm X, a remake of the game Metalstorm for NES and released in 1991, two months before the release of the SNES. SNES dead close release and the many new game releases for the console overshadowed Metalstorm along with it's briliantly genious and unique gameplay. And before anyone say anything! Metalstorm was released way before Megaman 5, in which Gravityman's stage had a little bit of resemblance to Metalstorm.

Almost 20 years have passed since Metalstorm, and now me and ~Peldms63 at Creative Fox are making a remake of it! Metalstorm X!

This is probobly the best piece of Pixelart that I've done thus far.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Art Me, ~Jolleboi

Metalstorm iREM

Metalstorm X Creative Fox Entertainment ( Metalstorm Trademark iREM)
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Ihsan997 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
When you say you mean a playable ROM, or something else? Because I almost pissed my pants with glee upon reading that. 
Jolleboi Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
When I say remake I mean a playable pc version. Unfortunetly the project has been on hold for a while (us who work on the project has been busy with real life stuff, and we no longer live in the same location), however we did recently have a meeting about the future of the project, and we concluded that we still wish to continue, however we will move it from gamemaker pro (which we used previously) to unity, and will investigate the possibility of 3d models.

Mind you the plans for the game atm is to both make a remake of the first game with updated graphics and optional gameplay modes, alongside a fan-sequel with a new story, more weapons and more "gunenrs" (characters), and maybe, if we can get it to work, coop multiplayer (local most likely). We might need to find more people willing to help out though since we are only three people atm with very busy schedules.

nice to see people are still interested in the project though ^-^
Ihsan997 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Yeah man, you'd be surprised at how many people out there remember M-308. If there are updates to the project, will they be announced here? Because I'm definitely interested.
Jolleboi Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Until we find a more dedicated place for announcements, i will probably announce any future progress here, yes.
ninjablam Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
Seriously?! Awesome!! That's my second favorite game[Blaster Master is No.1], and i've been trying to figure how to make a new version.. I have even thought about Multiplayer, maybe even a 3-d game.. I make music, as King Fuzzi.. If you wanna listen to my stuff, head over to, where you can stream, as well as download my last two albums, for free, of course. If you want/need help with music, please feel free to contact me @
Jolleboi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Always fun to know there are people willing to help and who like what we are working on. :D We have thought of many things for MetalStorm X, including multiplayer and 4-player Co-Op. We will be remaking the original game with updated graphics and such (among other things), as well as a fan made story mode called X-Mode. We have new gravity armors, mainly to give a unique gameplay when playing co-op. There's the X armor (Storm Gunner mk.II) who have the most versitility of all the armors, and this time, if the player so wish, a health bar. Then there's the Heavy armor, who weighs as much as two armors and who carries the heaviest weapons. He doesn't jump as high as the others and take some time to flip gravity, but he can take more hits and can cause powerfull shock waves that stuns small enemies for a small time thanks to his weight. Then there's the Jet Armor, who has the highest speed and manouvrebility of all the armors. He can fly for a short period and slide-dash and has two rapid fire weapons with which he can fire in multiple directions with. Then there's my favourite, the Engineer/Tech Armor, who has a sling-shot grapple fist, CQC shotgun, small shield and a repair tool. He can use his sling-shot hand to swing himself across death pits, grab enemies and fling them around, pull allies and objects and other cool stuff. The shield can deflect shots when he is stationary, the shotgun is a powerfull weapon in close and the repair tool can be used to repair allies at the expense of being stationary and unprotected for a short period. Ofcourse the regular armor will have more upgrades and weapons than all the others, so there will be a reason for people to want to play as that one. For the old fans there will be a mode where everything is practicly unchanged gameplay wise.
You seam to be a pretty good musical artist, and all help is welcome. At the moment we are working on an original game, but once that one is done we will proceed with MetalStorm X's development fully. I myself will be working on MetalStorm X on the side.

Anyway, look at me talking! Well thanks for showing intresst in the game! I'll keep your offer in mind. If you have any questions or sugestions then just ask away, i'm mostly available here on DA but you can reach me on my email to:
kenshirotakahashi Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's actually Megaman 5, but I'll forgive you.
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